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LetterSlider App Icon Introducing LetterSlider -- an addictively challenging word search slider puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

LetterSlider is one of the most original and thought-provoking word building contests to hit the App Store in years. The objective is to form words by sliding lettered tiles into place, trying to score the most points, spell the most words, accomplish achievements and a whole lot more before the clock runs out. LetterSlider is fun for all ages.

LetterSlider doesn't follow the mold of traditional word search games (Boggle, Scramble with Friends, wurdle, etc.), which are restrictive to playing letters only where the app positions them. Instead, LetterSlider allows players to strategically move letters around the game board, one at a time, to create words -- frontwards, backwards, any way possible. This means players can spell one word, then use those same letters to spell another elsewhere on the board.

Do you like addicting games? How about cool games? Fun word game apps? Word find games? Well, you don't have to ask what are the best games for iPhone anymore. LetterSlider, a word twist that's a puzzle in a puzzle, is for you.

LetterSlider and LetterSlider Free are both available in the App Store today!

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