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Will my stats be saved when I upgrade to the paid version of LetterSlider?
Unfortunately, no they will not. That's why we recommend upgrading to the Pro version quickly if you enjoy LetterSlider Free. There are no ads or delay between games, as well as six additional scoring categories, Game Center interaction, a 5-minute mode and lots more!

I accidentally deleted LetterSlider from my phone. Will my stats be there when I re-download it?
We're sorry to say that no gaming app stores statistical information while an app is no longer on a user's iPhone. Apple even warns you your data will be erased upon the removal of an app from your device. Your Game Center high scores and achievements, however, will remain.

I installed LetterSlider on a new phone. How do I get my badges back?
Select the restore button in the top right-hand corner of the Store screen. After you enter your iTunes username/password (which is collected by Apple, not us), your badges should re-appear.

Does LetterSlider store or have access to my personal data?
No, LetterSlider does not have access to or store any personal information. For more, view our Privacy Policy.

How do I get on the Game Center leaderboard?
Apple Game Center interaction is only available with the Pro version of LetterSlider, which keeps track of all scoring categories and achievements. As long as you're logged in to Game Center, you'll automatically be included.

What phones does LetterSlider support?
LetterSlider is a paid and free word game for iPhone 4 and a free word game for iPhone 5.

My game froze, crashed or won't load properly?
LetterSlider should never do any of these. If this does happen though, double click your device's Home button. Locate the LetterSlider app icon. Tap and hold the LetterSlider app icon until it shakes. Tap the delete icon on it to end the app. Hit the home button and relaunch LetterSlider. Worst case scenario, just re-install.

I found a bad word. Could you remove it from the game?
The LetterSlider staff tries to do its best to keep the game clean of so-called "naughty" words. Sometimes, though, they'll slip through the cracks. Reach out to us so we can evaluate whether we need to take action on a given word.

What happens when I submit a word to be included in LetterSlider?
First, we'll evaluate to determine if the word should be included. If valid, we'll include it in our next release's dictionary.

What languages is LetterSlider available in?
The current version of the game is only for English. We're evaluating words for word games in other languages though.

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